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Miss Mackenzee

Wooden Studded Paddle

Wooden Studded Paddle

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Make your swats count with a Wooden Studded Paddle! Whether you like thuddy, stingy, or a combination of both, this wood and metal stud rivet paddle will get the job done. Make sure to get your swats in while supplies last! 

Overall length is roughly 14" with 6" of that being handle. They are between 3/4"-7/8" thick and studded with 12 M8 stainless steel, socket cap head screws with lock nuts on the back side with a little thread protruding to give you the option of just how mean you want to be when you use this delightful paddle. The surface is finished with a food and body safe finish of mineral oil and beeswax giving it a silky smooth feeling. 


We ship in discreet packaging either via USPS or UPS parcel. The only information on the package is the shipping label and your name/address. Since this piece is custom made, it will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Tracking will be provided.

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