I have been a Certified Hypnotist for over 10 years. Hypnosis can help with a myriad of obstacles in life. I've worked with countless people suffering from general anxiety, sleep difficulties, pain relief, breaking unwanted habits, PTSD, and much more. I have worked to create an environment where folks can let their guard down to fully explore the depths of their interests and fantasies where a standard therapist may not feel comfortable going down that path with you.

Hypnosis can enhance any interest and can be used to satisfy countless unattainable desires. My talents as a certified hypnotist make it extremely easy for you to fall into a deep trance almost effortlessly. I also use my skills to help those on their healing journey who may be facing a block due to trauma or any other obstacle. All my work is through a trauma-informed lens and I understand that we all come from different walks of life and that influences how we move through the world and engage with others.

If you're feeling nervous and hesitant to try hypnosis, don't worry…you're not alone. I'd love to set up a time to talk with you about the process and go in depth about how it can help you. 

Some concerns I can help relieve with hypnosis:

  •  Anxiety surrounding intimacy

  •  Lower inhibitions

  •  Become more interested in a fetish

  •  Desire discrepancies in a relationship 

  •  Enhance pleasure & more powerful orgasms

  •  Erectile dysfunction

  •  Sex trauma 

  •  Mental health conditions

  •  Hands-free orgasms

  •  Improved concentration

  •  Become more sexually open

  •  Behavior changes

  •  Hot flashes and menopause struggles

  •  Enhance romantic connections

  •  Premature ejaculation 

  •  Gender transformation and gender dysphoria

  •  Exploring your sexuality

  •  Sexual dysfunction from trauma 

  •  Higher libido

  •  General anxiety

  •  Shame surrounding sexuality or kinks

  •  Lessen pain 

  •  Enhance role-play and fantasies

  •  Increase awareness of touch and sensation 

  • Better your relationships 

  •  Receive enjoyment from activities you previously didn't enjoy

  •  Submission or loss of control

  • Being more present

  •  and much much more!!

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