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Miss Mackenzee

Wooden Asymmetrical Paddle

Wooden Asymmetrical Paddle

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Stain Color
This unique asymmetrical design brings several features that make this more than just a simple paddle. The surface is finished with a food and body safe finish of mineral oil and beeswax giving it a silky smooth feeling. This design is roughly 13'' long and 4'' wide. The thickness varies mostly from 1/2" to 3/4". Each paddle is based off the same template as pictured above and some light variations in the finished product are to be expected depending on which wood species is chosen, the wood grain, and the thickness. The ergonomic grip allows for a better grip on the the toy minimizing the chance of it to slip out of your grasp while in use.

The handle and one corner of the paddle had been made into a sharp point for additional sensory play mechanics as well as giving more unique impact sensations. Both sides of the paddle have a round organic design and can provide a wide variety of impact sensations more than a traditionally shaped paddle. The points on the edges have been exaggerated to create a unique sensory experience, often best expressed through impact or dragging across the skin. The irregular sides also allow for a variety of impact options available, with some play and practice the concave and concave designs on the edge can add a lot of new sensations to play!


We ship in discreet packaging either via USPS or UPS parcel. The only information on the package is the shipping label and your name/address. Since this piece is custom made, it will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Tracking will be provided.

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