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Miss Mackenzee

Virtual Domination

Virtual Domination

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Running Time:
1 hour 51 minutes

When COVID hit, we were all forced to alter the way we existed and how we conducted relationships. This led to exploring other ways to connect with partners or playmates. This workshop is designed to help you feel more connected in your long distance relationships. All are welcome including professional Doms and those in the lifestyle for personal enjoyment. Have you ever wondered how you can play with humiliation from a distance or engaging in bondage? Don’t worry, these ideas and others will be points of conversation. There are special negotiation considerations to make when playing from a distance which we’ll go over as well. Do you have a troublesome submissive who has difficulty staying on task? Let’s talk about accountability and how to make it work when you don’t share space often.

Other topics to be discussed include:

  • Toy recommendations for long distance training and fun
  • Exciting ideas for tasks and assignments
  • Ways to remain connected throughout the day
  • What does aftercare look like when playing from afar?
  • Variety of ways to play and engage with your partner
  • Orgasms control and chastity training
  • Creating warmth and connection from a distance

This workshop is meant to be an inclusive environment that is accommodating for all types of people.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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