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Miss Mackenzee

The G-Spot and the Exciting World of Squirting

The G-Spot and the Exciting World of Squirting

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It’s time to get intimate with the mysterious g-spot and discover the secrets of a truly magical button. Even if you’ve already experienced squirting as a giver or receiver, this workshop will help you with ways to explore this play much more deeply. This workshop is designed to help folks receive more pleasure and even have more expanded orgasms that include the g-spot as well as other bits. We’ll go over the anatomy of a vulva so you can familiarize yourself with all its beautiful parts. Looking for toy and gear suggestions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Discover techniques for squirting with different toys and stimulation such as dildos, oral sex, etc. Maybe you’re nervous and need help getting more comfortable to overcome any hesitation. Or maybe you want to learn how to play with volume versus distance. Regardless of what draws you to this workshop, you’ll walk away with tons of information to help make your intimacy even more amazing.

Since this is a virtual class, you are invited to explore on your own in a safe space as instruction goes on. Other topics that will be included are:

  • Tips and tricks to awaken your g-spot for newbies
  • Debunking outdated myths
  • How this type of play can help you connect with your partner(s)
  • Discovery and joy through solo play
  • Mindfulness practices to make your g-spot even more sensitive
  • Ways to provide an emotional release as well as physical release
  • Plus dynamic demos

This workshop is meant to be an inclusive environment that is accommodating for all types of people.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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