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Miss Mackenzee

Put Your Thumb on it: Pressure Point Play

Put Your Thumb on it: Pressure Point Play

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Running Time:
1 hour 53 minutes

Have you ever had a really nice massage and you’ve thought about how to incorporate that into your play? Well this isn’t that class. This is designed to pinpoint those spots on the body that can cause people to crumble and move in the direction that you want them to. We will go over some ways to use pressure points in ways you never thought of. With just one touch, learn how to bring your bottom to their knees. This is a great class to get in touch with that primal energy inside yourself and use your body to inflict certain sensations with your bottom. A lot of what is covered in this class can be used in self defense as it is taught to military personnel.


Other points of conversation will include:

  • Using pressure points in a switch fight to gain the upperhand
  • Using other types of play in your pp scene
  • What exactly are pressure points and where do we find them?
  • Safety and negotiation information for an exciting scene
  • Ways to stimulate a pressure point
  • Plus exciting demos

This workshop is meant to be an inclusive environment that is accommodating for all types of people.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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