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Miss Mackenzee

Owning Your Power: An Intensive for Dominance

Owning Your Power: An Intensive for Dominance

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Running Time:
4 hour 35 minutes

So you think you have a strong Dominant side... but now what? Many people who get involved in BDSM don’t really understand what that entails or how to stand out as a skilled and desirable player. This intensive is designed to discuss the responsibility and accountability that goes with that title, helping participants to hone their Dom skills and step further down the path of expertise in their roles. Even if you are not new to the lifestyle, you won't want to miss this extensive training as you will gain an abundance of information as well as see exciting demos! Miss Mackenzee will help to cover some of the questions people have when navigating their role as Dominant. We’ll go over ways to keep the energy alive and fresh in established relationships and how to express your commitment.

Some other things that will be covered are:

  • Learning the parts of a BDSM scene (negotiation, start of a scene, build up, climax, aftercare)
  • Bringing your play from the bedroom to the public with confidence (especially with parties starting back up)
  • Figuring out the dynamic you want and building on your craft
  • Tips and tricks on how to send your bottom to subspace
  • Taking your role as a top further and what that entails
  • Protocols, rituals, rewards, and punishments
  • Learn new skills on how to take things to the next level within your relationship(s)

Submissives and bottom-minded folks are encouraged to attend so they can support their D-types or gain knowledge on what to look for in a Dominant. You will get the perspective of a Dominant that has a 24/7, long term live-in submissive who will be there as well to offer their insight. 

This workshop is meant to be an inclusive environment that is accommodating for all types of people.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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