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Miss Mackenzee

Blossoming with Sissification

Blossoming with Sissification

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Running Time:
1 hour 56 minutes

It’s time to redefine what sissification can mean and how it can empower your relationship(s). Typically sissification is an activity for cisgendered men to transform into a more feminine being but within this class, we’ll discuss that this type of play can be for anyone, regardless of their gender identity. This workshop is for everyone; tops, bottoms, professionals, and lifestyle folks will all benefit from attending. Even if you’re new, we’ll discuss ways to dip your toe in and explore as a beginner. Let’s talk about some fun scene ideas for all you tops and Dominants out there! And for all you bottoms and submissives, we’ll discuss ways you can prepare yourself for a fun sissification scene. Walk away from class with recommendations for clothing and gear and where to purchase.

Other topics to be discussed will include:

  • Being or creating the bimbo of your dreams
  • How to design the look you desire on a budget
  • Tips for those that want a more authentic look
  • Exploring encouragement vs humiliation
  • Having fun with genderbending
  • Creativity with makeup
  • Ways to stand out for the Dominant you seek

This workshop is meant to be an inclusive environment that is accommodating for all types of people.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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