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Miss Mackenzee

Steel Pillory for Hands and Feet

Steel Pillory for Hands and Feet

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This hand and foot pillory is made out of steel and is extremely restrictive. It can be used for various bondage scenarios but is very limited in its self-bondage purposes.

Cold steel wraps around your wrists and ankles. You can neither lie down nor stand up. There is no escape. You are forced into an uncomfortable sitting position until someone free’s you. The ultra rigid design does not allow for kicking or fighting against the restraint. Hands and feet are rigidly connected via the middle bar. A chain can also be attached to the padlock to further increase the restriction. This also effectively prevents crawling away.

Different positions are possible: sitting, lying on your back or with your head down and legs bent. You can also restrain only the hands or only the feet, creating even more scenarios. Putting the pillory on is very comfortable due to the two external joints.

The hand-foot restraint is locked by a single small padlock, which is included in your order. With a little practice, you can also tie yourself up. However, we strictly advise against using the restraints without a partner since dangerous situations can arise.

Despite the stability and large dimensions, the hand and foot pillory is surprisingly light.

Technical data:
Height of the shackle: approx. 1.5 inches
Total length: approx. 21.5 inches
Delivery includes the lock with 2 keys
Weight: 4lbs

Please write your wrist, and ankle sizing in the customer service box in the checkout screen. If there isn't specified sizing, we will do average sizing.


We ship in discreet packaging either via USPS or UPS parcel. The only information on the package is the shipping label and your name/address. Since this piece is custom made, it will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Tracking will be provided.

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